Research Topics:

She has been working on machine learning and deep learning topics, especially computer vision, since her undergraduate education.

Details of academic research topics can be found in the publications tab.,

Deep Learning with Python Instructor:

She is also a deep learning instructor with the  A-Z Deep Learning with Python” course at Udemy.

Volunteer Activities:

She publishes blogs, videos and implementations/applications content for understanding and dissemination of knowledge and science. She also creates translation resources (for Turkish speakers) to bring international sources with our friends. You can check the Artificial Intelligence Research Initiative (YZ-AI) web-site.

She conducts artificial intelligence studies on the interdisciplinary conduct of environment, community, and human-centered.

🚀 As the HÜMA team, they completed the TEKNOFEST 2021 Artificial Intelligence in Transportation Competition as the 1st.🥇 You can check the details of their work here!

🚀 Within the scope of Teknofest 2019, she participated in the Artificial Intelligence Competition as HÜMA team and completed the competition as the 7th finalist among 167 teams. You can check the details of their work here!

She gave a speech about the importance and necessity of working interdisciplinary for Artificial Intelligence in Zorlu PSM stage for TEDx Bahcesehir University on April 6, 2019. The video of the talk is published on YouTube!


deepleaning_ai AI Ambassador in Turkey (October 2019 – )
Artificial Intelligence Research Initiative in Turkey (May 2019 – )
Haliç University Alumni and Members Association Board Member (2017-2019  )
Deep Learning Turkey Community, AI Research Scientist (Sept. 2017-March 2019)
IEEE Student Branch Founder Chairwoman (2006-2011)