Merve Ayyüce Kızrak; In 2009, she completed her undergraduate degree in Haliç University, Electronics, and Communication Engineering Department. In 2011, she completed her postgraduate education in the Electronics and Communication Engineering program of the Haliç University, Institute of Science and Technology, and at the ITU Informatics Institute.

She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Yıldız Technical University, Institute of Science, Electronics, and Communication Engineering Program. Co-founder of the Deep Learning Turkey community that aims to accelerate its artificial intelligence to work in Turkey.

Her research interests include artificial neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, biomedical image processing, audio processing, and video processing. She continues her academic and product development studies with various working groups. Technology Development Foundation of Turkey within Ideaport is located in artificial intelligence working group. She has been continuing her academic career by studying various courses at the Haliç University, Electronics, and Communication and Electrical-Electronics Engineering Departments.

She is also a deep learning instructor with the “Introduction to Deep Learning” course at Udemy.

Turkey’s largest non-profit artificial intelligence community Deep Learning Turkey in the first year of institutions, Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA-BTK) cooperation and Havelsan (Aviation Electronics Industry) support October 5-6, 2018, held in Ankara at ICTA she was Co-Chairwoman of the Regulatory Board of the DeepCon’18 Great Artificial Intelligence Conference.

Intelligent systems, operational intelligence, optimization, artificial neural networks, machine learning, deep learning (CNN, GAN, RL, CapsNet) methods, and applications by applying the following issues and develops new algorithms are doing research.

Signal processing: Medical signals such as EEG-ECG, Sound-Music recognition and classification problems

Image Processing: Definition and classification of biometric images such as fingerprint and eye-iris

Video Processing: Analysis of Crowd Images, Computer Vision

Deep Learning Turkey Community, Co-Founder (2017-present)
Haliç University Alumni and Members Association Board Member (2017-Halen)
IEEE Student Branch Founder Chairwoman (2006-2011)